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Defensive Eating with Morrissey - Vegan Recipes from the One You Left Behind

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An illustrated vegan cookbook with pictures of Morrissey eating and crying.\nPoor Morrissey. He's just so... so... hungry. And meat is murder, so that narrows his options by a lot. Until now, at least!\nWith the arrival of the DEFENSIVE EATING WITH MORRISSEY cookbook, our dear Moz no longer needs to suffer such terrible hunger, such ruthless indecision or the emotional impact of a major blood sugar crash at the worst possible moment. These 100+ vegan recipes make enough unbelievably delicious, poetic food for him to eat his fill and have plenty left over for later. Sweetness, he's even saved enough for you.\nHardcover: 96 pages\nPublisher: Microcosm Publishing (10 Nov. 2016)\nAbout the Author\nAutomne Zingg is a writer, illustrator, musician and video artist based in Los Angeles, CA. She uses dark humor and surreal imagery to make critiques about popular culture. Joshua Ploeg is a founder of the queercore movement & a traveling chef who has cooked for Senator Daryll Steinberg's Proposition 8 Repeal Fundraiser, Perry Ferrell, Ben Davidson, The Melvins, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Fugazi, Nikki McClure, Ani DiFranco, Stars for Strikes, Anti-Flag and many more. He is the author of many cookbooks, including This Ain't No Picnic (Microcosm, 2014) and In Search of the Lost Taste (Microcosm, 2009), both of which are also available from Turnaround. He is the singer in the band Select Sex.

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