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Inspiral - Coconut Pecks (Various) Caramel

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Smokin' Coconut Pecks\nAir-dried organic raw coconut chips coated in a smoky paprika sauce, sweetened with palmyra blossom nectar.\nThis savoury number in our new range conjours up lazy Sunday afternoons, BBQ vibes and sizzling bacon - only of course that it is entirely vegan, raw and natural.\nSmoked paprika with a twist of lime together with the cheesiness of nutritional yeast and just the right amount of our optimum nutrition choice of sugar gives this product an immitable flavour profile. Deeply satisfying, one pack will keep you going for a long time.\nSalted Caramel Coconut Pecks\nCaramel-like crunchy raw coconut chips, and let them melt in your mouth leaving their salty-sweet vanilla notes. These organic nuggets have been gently air-dried at a low temperature (not roasted, baked or fried) to give them an artisan crunch and retain their nutritional benefits. inSpiral is dedicated to creating tantalisingly tasty, yet healthy snacks that will satisfy and nourish. Created without chemicals or pesticides, they---re eco too, made using solar power.\nRaspberry Coconut Pecks\nPacked in a home compostable & biodegradable bag printed with vegetable inks

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